The FCN90L, driving up to a 3-1/2″ nail is perfect for a wide range of framing applications. This tool drives smooth, ring, and screw shank coil nails in both wire and plastic sheet collation. Weighing only 3.0kgs, the FCN90L is easy to maneuver and causes minimal fatigue. With our patented “PRECISION NAILING TECH” the FCN90L helps you do More, Easier and Faster.

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Tool Weight: 3.0 kgs / 6.6 lbs

Height: 14.3” (364mm)

Length: 12.2” (311 mm)

Width: 5.1” (130 mm)

Trigger Type: Contact fire or Single Sequential

Operating Pressure: 70 to 100 PSI (5-7 bar)

Air Inlet NPT: 1/4″


-Patented “Precision Nailing Tech” and “2-piece contact arm” design

-Full Magnesium housing construction

-360° Multi directional exhaust cover

-Cushioned rubber grip and Ergonomic frame design provide comfort and balance during operation

-Tough nylon, fast and easy loading magazine

-Tool-Free Depth Adjust and Trigger Lock for safety

-Durable nose and Anti-abrasive driver for extended tool life

-Dust cover blocks nails or wire chips

-Durable Metal Belt hook for workplace convenience

-Body Protector on enduring frame



● Exterior / Roof Decking

● Furring

● Strapping

● Wooden Fencing

● General Construction

● Decking, Sheathing and Framing

● Subfloors


Type: 15° Round Head Flat Coil nails

Degree: 15°

Range: Wire: 45 ~ 90mm (1-3/4″ ~ 3-1/2″) / Plastic 45 ~ 75mm (1-3/4″ ~ 3″)

Wire Diameter: Φ Wire: 2.5 ~ 3.7mm (.099″ ~ .148″) / Plastic 2.5 ~ 2.9mm (.099″ ~ .114″)

Collation: 15° Angled Wire or Plastic Coil

Capacity: 200~300 Nails