Striving to Make the Best or Nothing.

Although founded in 2012, EVERWIN® breathes expertise through over 120 years of combined experience between the founders. Innovative tool design and manufacturing precision drive EVERWIN® to be a leader in industrial fastening solutions.

EVERWIN® was founded by a group of American and Taiwanese pneumatic tool experts, each boasting decades of success in the world of pneumatic fastening. They founded the company with one shared goal in mind—to “build a brand the fastening industry can rely on for consistency and efficiency”.

Within two years of being founded, EVERWIN® launched a series of industrial coil nailers that filled a longstanding need in the pallet-making industry for extremely durable nailers. This solidified its reputation as one of the toughest tool manufacturers in the business.

EVERWIN® continues to produce industrial nailers and staplers that exceed standards, from a series of heavy wire staplers to plier staplers and jumbo strip nailers. Having built and refined its reputation in the industrial fastening sector, it entered the construction fastening sector and in 2016 introduced the SCN65 siding nailer, which revolutionized the construction industry with its PRECISION NAILING TECH.

Today EVERWIN® provides a comprehensive array of high quality pneumatic tools to serve the Pallet and Crate, Furniture, Automotive, Construction and Packaging industries. In 2017, it will move into its new headquarters with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. This, as well as its distribution and service sites across the globe, will help EVERWIN® provide customers with even better groundbreaking products and unparalleled services.


We go through all means to develop the best design, Implementing the best material and process at all costs.


Because just like us, your reputation is on the line with every fastener you drive. In the harshest environments on the toughest tasks, you can count on EVERWIN® to get the job done.


In 2014, PROFIX RD IMPORT started in Slovakia. She started selling Taiwanese

nails, staplers  and s pare parts.
We have been very successful on the Slovak and Czech markets, so we now offer our tools and services to all European countries.

Our spare parts are also suitable for many other brands at unbeatable prices. In fact, we are proud to offer the best value for your money, both for tools and spare parts.

Under the “EVERWIN” brand, we sell a wide range of tools. We also supply all spare parts for our tools.


PROFIX RD, s.r.o., Priemyselná 4783/42, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, TEL : +421-917 690 105, +421-915 575 289 , E-mail:


PROFIX RD, s.r.o., Priemyselná 4783/42, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš, TEL : +421-917 690 105+421-915 575 289 , E-mail: